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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ross Creek Giant Cedar Trees

2 weeks ago I was going stir crazy so after the kids practices, we decided to take a little road trip to Montana. It is only about an hour and a half or so away. What crazy person goes hiking a week after surgery??? This idiot! I just didn't want to be without my family and I was so finished being cooped up in the house!
It was a beautiful drive through Hope, Idaho along Hwy 200. I decided I wanted to live on the island in Hope. It is so beautiful. I bet super cold to go into town in the winter though. It looked like only boat access to & from.

When we got to the access road it was looking a little white...Once we turned off on this 1 lane narrow little road there was a few inches of snow on the ground. I was pretty nervous in a few spots as we had already changed our snow tires and once we were met by an oncoming truck, i just knew we would get stuck & there was NO WAY I could help push us out. was fine...*sigh*...I worry too much!
It was so beautiful, water running through it, little bridges all over. It is a natural habitat, so unless there is a trail blockage, they leave everything as it lies. If a tree falls, it is left exactly that way. It was so peaceful. Except, lol, the sun was out and so it kept melting the snow all over the tree tops super high up and periodically a huge slush ball would come barreling down from the sky! It was like a one sided snowball fight with the cedars! We surprised the kids, they had no idea where we were going. I told them they were going to my parents house so Hal & I could go on a date. So poor Haliee was dressed for practice not hiking. I tried to convince her she would need jeans after practice but she thought I was nuts, so she didn't bring any!
This was cool, they were able to climb inside the tree. No, I wasn't brave enough to try & squeeze through a hole in my condition...they all loved it though. In the last pic, Hal, Drew, & Haliee were all in this tree and Hal was trying to show how much room was still left. It was so huge!
There were tons of "siamese twin" trees like these. The last pic is actually where 2 split apart & fell opposite creating a path!
Who could resist a snowball fight???
I was pretty sore and tired about a mile in, so we turned back, but we'll for sure go back in a few months it was so awesome. I really couldn't even walk right, I hobbled along very slowly. Matter of LOVING husband commented on my being like Sasquatch as I was slumped over, walking apelike, and had his huge jacket on. Thanks hon, love ya! We brought the little bbq & after the hike we went to the little day camp right off this little lake. We were the only people there & it was just amazingly beautiful. We built a campfire, (which served to be tough even with lighter fluid as all the ash inside the pit was soaking wet, lol) ate lunch, had dessert, and just enjoyed each other.

Drew was a riot...he LOVES Discovery Channel and always watches Survivor Man & Man V.S. Wild. So he was adamant about needing "tender" Apparently, when you peel back the bark from cedar trees and reveal a softer bark; You can peel the fibers apart into little shreds and help start your fire. It definitely worked. It was hilarious, we would say "Drew, we need more tender." He'd jump up and sprint away...he was on it! :0) LOVE that boy!
What we need is some tender...
See Mom, this is what we need to start the fire...


Letti said...

That place is sure beautiful. I am glad you were able to start a fire cause these pictures make me feel cold. I love that they could climb into that tree too. A perfect place for kids!

Beki said...

You are crazy ninja Tab. Going hiking a week after surgery. I love the pictures. Take me and my boys along too next time you go.