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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Customer Cuties!

Maybe I should have titled this post the "Thanks for not beating up our Mommies for our chests full of bows club" Ha Ha!

Here are some sweet pics of some of my customers flaunting their KGD Best! I LOVE to receive pics! It makes me so happy! Karrington has been wearing KGD for years, how fun to watch her grow! XO Sam, love ya girl!
Pam is no less special! She has her own boutique and her daughter is a doll! A fellow Justin Bieber lover flaunting those bows, does it get any better? *wink* She recently donated some boutique goodies to their local Children's Hospital, I can't wait to see those pics! I'll be sure to share!

Lastly, Toni's daughter Dylan...She has been flaunting some bowbands in my ole' stompin' grounds! Toni is friends with some of my Bako besties! I am working on a ton of new little piggies for Dylan as she is graduating from bowbands to piggie "horns" LOVE IT!

Thanks so much everyone, you allow me to be home with my kiddos while doing something I love & all the while living vicariously through you all since my babies refuse to STOP growing! You guys are the best! :0) XOX Tab

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