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Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Take Your Child To Work Day!

Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day! Kohl's is really awesome about it & recognises it every year. The only stipulation is the children have to be at least 10. Bummer for Drew. This is Haliee's 2nd year going & she LOVES it! They give the kids their own name badge and basically let the kiddos shadow their parents for a day. For Haliee it is extra cool as she can basically do everything in the store she wants to. She got to count $ in the vault, ring customers, delegate to subordinates, take returns, fold, fitting rooms, a little of everything! :) I asked Hal to take pics for me, here are the only 3, they were taken with his hone but I am so thankful for them! Super Cute. Isn't she a mess!

Here was the sign up in the break-room...
Haliee hard at work taking a customer complaint, ha ha~!

Haliee working customer service/returns.

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