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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Halarini!

Today is my Man's 35th Birthday! It's so weird, you go to sleep as newlywed teens, bring home babies, and a few weeks later (17 years) you are middle aged! It's been an amazing life so far. I hope I have made him 1/2 as happy as he has made me! Here are some fun things I LOVE about him. I won't bore you with 35 :0)
  • He is so much fun. Always a prankster.
  • He is witty, always has the best comeback lines, it's so irritating, you can never get him!
  • He can fix anything, seriously. He knows how to do everything I swear.
  • He will gladly eat his veggies a junk food junkie. Candy is part of his daily diet!!!
  • He is crafty for me! Helping with all my OCD projects!
  • He is a FUN Dad.
  • He is much more sentimental then he wants anyone to know!
  • He loves to play baseball, golf, water sports, & mountain biking.
  • He uses electronics like a teenager (not sure I LOVE this one so much!)
  • He is so OCD but will never admit he is as bad as me!
  • He is a great boss & leader.
  • He still has a speaker box in his funny to watch your boss leave in a Mercedes...slacks & a tie...blasting the base! He is a mess!
  • He loves kids & is a great Dad!
  • He is always dancing, singing, and playing air instruments!

Happy Birthday Hal. I LOVE you so much!

Hal's best gangster impression~

Being silly at the wax museum.

In Canada wishing one of us knew what we were doing in the houseboat or the regular boat!

Having fun with Topie!

Helping Mikey dig trenches & run sprinkler lines!

We have been celebrating birthdays for weeks now & we are only halfway through! There are 5 in the immediate family in 6 weeks so LOTS of cake :0)

Last night we celebrated a combo dinner out for the April/May Bdays at the Shogun. It is a super yummy Tepenyaki Bar. The kids LOVE to watch them prepare everything table side & our chef was pretty fun! Drew was in heaven with sushi (he ate the real deal eel & all, not Mom's wimpy California Rolls), shrimp, calamari, & salmon! After we ate, they dressed them all up, sang to them and took their pic. Of course I forgot my stinkin' camera UGH! We did buy this pic though, lol! It was a riot. What good sports they were! They blew out a big Buddha candle & received a pineapple boat to eat for dessert.

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