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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Haliee Girl!

Today is my sweet baby girls 12th birthday *SNIFF* I can't believe she is almost a teenager. Why do they have to grow up so fast. It is just not fair. She has been a joy I don't think this princess has a mean bone in her body. She is the sweetest, most even tempered, loving girl I know. I am truly honored to be her Mamma. Thank You God for giving me this angel.

Here are 12 things I LOVE about my Bobo Reilly...
  • She is a straight A Student
  • She LOVES her brother with all her heart
  • She is a great friend
  • She LOVES to babysit and is such a little Momma
  • She LOVES all things Neon & Zebra
  • She is compassionate, always thinking of others. She would give away her favorite anything to those less fortunate
  • She is always smiling
  • She changes all the settings on my cellphone and adds signatures and things...
  • She LOVES to text
  • She blasts her music and dances all silly
  • She is amazingly creative
  • She LOVES to shop but has learned to LOVE Hollister's back section!

Every Year since they were 2. I have asked them these same questions. I LOVE how they change from year to year. They might even bring a little blackmail in the future, ha ha!

  • What is your favorite color? PINK
  • What is your favorite food? KETCHUP
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A TEACHER
  • Who do you want to marry? JUSTIN BIEBER
  • What's your favorite movie? NEW MOON
  • What's your favorite song? BABY by: JUSTIN BIEBER
  • Who is your bestie? NATALIE
  • What is your favorite T.V. Show? EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS
  • What is your favorite hobby? PLAYING SOFTBALL
  • Who is the person you most look up to? MY PARENTS
  • What is your biggest accomplishment this year? GETTING A 4.0 ON MY REPORT CARD

I LOVE this little girl's guts out! What a fun little mess she is! She isn't much of a weekday breakfast girl these days now that Middle School begins an hour before Elementary. I made her some french toast sticks complete with a candle of course. She got a new outfit to wear that day from us & some zebra duct tape, smelly good pens, & gum from her brother. She was so excited, I told her she wasn't getting anything until her party & she was freaking out the night before on what she would wear to school on her birthday! :0)

Love this pic...just woke up, and already her phone is seated next to her breakfast!

Drewy got up early to give his Sissy her bday surprise from him!

She was over the moon excited for this zebra duct tape, lol! She made Hal a ring out of it & he wore it all day!

Hal and I surprised her and picked her up for lunch out. She chose Wendy's (YUCK!)

She had Softball Pictures, a Game, & Drew had practice, so we made our usual crazy rounds. I made some sugar cookie bars for the team to eat after the game. They sang her Happy Birthday & embarrassed her! YAY!

We ran through Del Taco for dinner. My junk food junkie was so Happy. We never eat fast food crap. Especially twice in a day unless we are on vacation or moving, lol! We were going to finish the night off with some yummy pistachio cream pie! One of Haliee's fav's but we were all stuffed and tired, so we ate it the next night. Lucky for her, she will get to blow out candles 3 times this year! :0)

She is having a softball party on Saturday. I will post pics then! Here are her invites...Aren't they adorable! I normally make everything. I love birthday parties, but I was a little off with my surgery. I was trying to coordinate time with Hal's work, life, my parents are vacationing in Sedona the following weekend, etc. So I found these invites and loved them. I will post a link to her store on ebay. She was awesomely sweet. Rushed my order and did a great job. Extremely accommodating. Check her out!

I LOVE YOU MY HALIEE GIRL! I hope you had a great birthday so far!

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