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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Opening Day 2010!

Yesterday was Little League Opening Day! It was freezing, windy, & raining as not to disappoint us who have come to expect this weather! After we left the field, the sun came out & it warmed up to almost 70 go figure! ;0) Drew is AA this year and will pitch for his team! He is an Oriole this year but has the same coaches & mostly the same team as the past few years! Hal will be umping the home games and I am the scorekeeper as well as team Mom. It is a crazy time of year for us. We live at the ball fields 6 days a week between baseball & softball. I LOVE watching the kiddos play!

Here are some fun pics of the ceremonies. We have amazing fields and it is a very dedicated league. Drew was so cute excited to slap hands with the majors and then to welcome in the A, Coach Pitch, and T-Ballers as he was big stuff compared to them! His expressions were priceless even though we were all FREEZING!
A little buy named Bo in Drew's Class and his little brother held the flag for the National Anthem & they welcomed/recognised a Home Town Hero (A dedicated serviceman who's kids play for the league. He is getting ready to deploy for his millionth tour.), as well as inducting a long time Coach, Manager, Board Member into the Little League Hall of Fame. It was a fun day!
I am ready to watch these babies PLAY BALL!

Taking the field...

Hometown Hero...

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