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Friday, June 18, 2010


So since it warmed up end of Spring, Hal has been taking the kids "4 Wheelin'" Which I was super nervous about, but...they took me along one day & really...all it consists of is going over some top soil dirt hills left from construction between our house & the School in the trees. So, I breathed a HUGE Sigh of relief and let them have at it!

They have been out dozens of times. Zoe LOVES it too...Well last week I was listing bows and away they went, Hailey Mac in tow too. About 10 minutes later I get a call..."Mommy, we're STUCK!"


Haliee: "No really Mommy, we are seriously STUCK!"

Hee beaming with glee, I headed out to rescue them! The Mom "bucket" as my husband so dearly references my suv had to go rescue Mr. 4x4 best driver in the universe Himself!!! LOL!

After I gloated as long as I could before being beaten, I went back home to continue working... a 2nd "Mommy" call...15 minutes later~ BAHHHH! What a mess. I tried not to harass him too much this time as I really don't want him going on any real hills, I would much rather him be stuck in little top soil hills with no traction! He is really a much better driver than I but..we will never let him know I do admit that!

The kids however, were so happy to be stuck! They had the best time!!

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