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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day of School & Drew's Bday Treats!

Every Year our Elementary School does a huge LUAU "Aloha Day" Party! It is similar to a carnival but everything is free. The kids just run like mad from booth to booth eating otter pops, getting tattoos, different relays, bowling, face painting, rope climbing, dancing (they hire a DJ), you get the drift! This year I was in charge of the fruit loop necklace station. Should be easy enough right? It was...but...the kids were just a little amped! There were fruit loops smashed everywhere, the sugar would come off on your fingers and it was so sticky, yuck! But they loved it, so another successful memory right!? :0)

Drew was sick in Seattle and ended up missing the next week of school. He had an icky virus he just couldn't kick. So we ended up moving his bday class treats to Aloha Day. Just your par for the course class treat party, but I loved how cute Drewy looked embarrassed as they sang to him!

The Haliee's I think I will rename them Haliee2 (squared) get out of school before Drew so they came to help me & celebrate with him as well. They snapped most of the pics & took the video so love them!!! He chose brownies with M&M's, thanks Drewy for making it super easy on Momma this year! :)

Silly Self Portaits are a must! I forgot to edit it beforehand so we shall leave it horizontal!

*On a side note, Drew chose to have his bday at the local baseball park (Spokane Indians)~ farm team for the Texas Rangers this year & their opening day wasn't until June 18th, so he is getting quite the bday spread this year! His Baseball team is going that night as a whole team, so we will be going the following weekend! I'll be posting about that next!

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