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Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Kick Off...

Last Saturday night Haliee & Hailey Mac were feelin' mischievous! So what else is new right...So...they asked if they could go prank Mr. Drake...Now Mr. Drake was Haliee's homeroom teacher for 6th grade. He also taught 5th grade @ the elementary school the previous year. So Haliee has known him awhile! Being the sweet student she is; she talked him out of his address about 6 months ago! She has ding dong ditched his house a few times...but not since last fall.
So the girls made a sign for the front door making themselves known, lol, they have to make it known who did the crime! Drew decided he needed to be an accomplice so I loaded them up equipt with silly string and away they went...

Here they are attacking his poor front lawn! they placed the sign on the door, rang the bell, and sprinted back to the getaway car! back to be caught lol! His poor wife Bonnie! Good thing they are young & good sports! We LOVE them! Haliee is going to be his TA next year, so I am so glad they'll get to hang out again!
When we got back home Hal pitched a tent for them all in the backyard. They were so excited, made their beds, payed games, hung glow bracelets on every zipper pull...and...10 minutes after Hal & I settled into bed to watch a little they came! The girls were too chicken to stay out there alone & Drew was begging them to try...SILLY GIRLS!

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