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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

I wish I had access to all my pics for this post, but this will have to do for now...I have been so blessed in my life to have been loved by such great men.

Let's start with my Dad...

To say I was spoiled is an understatement! I could do NO wrong in this man's eyes. Everyday he would bring me home a Whatcamacalit candy bar in his lunch pail...I used to wait so eagerly by the door to listen for his truck! He took me everywhere with him even to work sometimes! We would stay up late eating peanut butter & honey, he made the best grilled cheese sandwiches, he always let me drive home from town on the back roads, whenever I asked for something (anything) if he replied with a maybe, I would immediately jump up & down screaming "Maybe Means YES, maybe Means YES!!!" It always did! He made up a song shortly after I was born and sang me too sleep with it more times than I could count! I have very rarely ever seen him cry. The 2 times which stand out most were ...the 1 time I ever remember him disciplining me other than with a "don't do that again"; I was an ornery teenager (13 I think) too big for my britches...and this time, he had no choice but to step it up a notch. So he let me know he was going to have to spank me...Now "My Dad" never spanked me, I thought to myself, ha, are you kidding. I turned and faced the wall with that terrible teenager look on my face like uh ok (brat what a brat I was) and he gave me 2 swats. Actually they were NOT swats, but merely slaps and even that is stretching it. I turned around to grin at him as if to say "Are you serious" and he had tears in his eyes. :( That was probably the most disgust I have ever felt in my life. I was so sad I had hurt my Daddy.

The other time was at my Wedding. We stood there waiting for the doors to open, him trying ever so hard to be tough, wanting to buckle at the knees and when they did finally open I said, "Daddy" He quickly said, "come on Tab" Knowing if I lost it, he surely would too. He crackled out a "Her Mother & I" when asked who would give me away...well and now the rest is history.

He taught me honesty, integrity, loyalty, the list goes on & on, but most importantly, he taught me LOVE. Thank You Daddy, for being you...I LOVE YOU!

My "Other" Dad came into my life when I was in Middle School. The ornery teenager from above :0) He was fun and lenient. Always telling my Mom "just to let me go" :0) Spoiling me rotten as well, shopping, golf, music. Paying me exorbitant amounts of $ to do my chores! He is such a goofball always dancing & acting silly! Saturday mornings I was always awoken with waffles! We played many a board game, & all car rides consisted of several attempts to beat him at states and capitals. He drove home the importance of good grades and rewarded me ridiculously for honor roll. Being a product of divorce has actually served me quite well. I have 2 additional parents who have brought such joy to my life. I LOVE Ya P.K.! Thanks for being the best "other" dad in the world!

And my husband...
Such an amazing combo of both men with his own little ways! This poor kid didn't know what he was getting himself into! A spoiled little spitfire I was...(ok still am, but I am mostly in retirement!!) I think he should've been forewarned as to the severity of my spoiling beforehand, ha! I think he was too young and in love to have listened anyway! But now... *wink* He works so {TOO} hard to make our life great. Coming from a childhood which was nothing like the above listed greatness, he somehow manages to deliver all these incredible qualities into our children's lives. He teaches our kids fun, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, sports, generosity, hard work, leadership...this list goes on and on. Always with a tender heart. He definitely has their bluff. If he even hints at raising his voice, they fall into line as if there is something terrible on the other side of that rough (really teddy bear) growl :0) I don't think I could've chosen a better man to raise my precious babies with than Hal. I look forward to the life before us, and I can only imagine what our grandkids will receive! I think I will order their baby dentures when I find out the kids are expecting!! He skates right under the radar and I am the meany who makes them eat healthy! I LOVE YOU Halarini! Thanks for making our kids dreams come true.

I do have pics of the frames the kids painted for Hal for Father's Day. Aren't they precious...

Despite the rain wrecking our picnic plans, we had a great chill day...
How was your Father's Day?

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