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Friday, July 2, 2010

Spokane Indians with Drew's Little League Team

2 weeks ago we all went to the Spokane Indians opening night as a big ole' baseball team family! There ended up being 40 of us & the kids had a blast. From batting cages to bouncy dogs, cotton candy, kettle corn, soda...these kids were W.I.L.D. well, some more than others! We sat on the very very top bleacher off right field and to this spoiled Momma, the ONLY perk was a back rest! I want to watch the game, which is much harder up there! Plus the kiddos were jumping up & down in front of us the entire time. But...the kids had fun as a team, so that was cool!

My poor boy with his shiner :) Yep, you do still need a sweatshirt in the evening end of June in North Idaho!! :)
My spoiled kids were going to the following week for Drew's belated b-day party too. I'll post this soon, along with the weekend in Seattle. These are going to be long posts so I am dreading them on the laptop, lol! we have been having fun this week relaxin'! We went to the lake with the Grimmets for a little bbq. The kids had so much fun swimming & building sand castles. Hal took us 4x4in' up in the mountains & the kids were such a hoot. Screaming their heads off climbing those hills! we also found a little part of the lake where they have made a little swimming hole roped off with logs. well, those logs are cabled together and to the ground, but the center log moves quite a bit!! We had such fun competing to see who could make it across the log like a tight rope without falling in! :) talk about a great laugh! It was so much fun...ahhh...the simple things...what I am so striving for!
More bows & a super fun Back to School launch coming next week! Happy 4th of July weekend! I am off after this to go see the new Twilight with my girl! She is dying to see it! :0) Mom, I wish you were here with us :( It just won't be the same without Grandma!!

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