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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A FUN Weekend!

We had a great 3 day weekend! Hal has closed most of the past 2 weeks and so we haven't seen him much. This Momma so doesn't do well with that! This was a most needed break for us all! Saturday Morning we went out to the lake for a re-do of the fun we had planned a few weeks ago. Papa Ken, Jeni, & a friend of the kids Jordan came over. A kiddo who works for Hal and her little sister's came out to play too. One of the sister's actually played softball with Haliee this year so they all had great fun! And of course what would be an outing without our Grimmet Family!? Erin & the babies came out too. Zoe was out of town & Mike was working, but the rest of us had a great lazy day! I have bruises on my legs to prove I am getting old & so out of shape, but the water was glassy & perfect! SO FUN! (Sorry for the picture quality, I forgot my camera of course, so the boat pics are all from my cell phone)
Hangin' out waiting for their next turn on the boat!
FUN in the boat & on Shore!
At the end of the day Erin wanted to just get pulled back to shore slowly in the tube since she is such a skier, etc. she was dying being preggo! Ellie decided she wanted to try too & fell asleep about 30 seconds into the ride, lol!
On Sunday, we were going to go out on the lake again but Hal woke up in the middle of the night really sick. He felt bad most of the next morning. :( Mid afternoon he decided he felt okay enough to do something lower key. We decided to go to an Indians Game. We are such a baseball lovin' family! When we got there it ended up being a double header! FUN!

Drew and I played a game against a Dad & his Daughter to put together this puzzle faster than the opposing team. Hal would've done it but he was up sick most of the night and didn't feel like any quick movements. I can't believe I am such a cow, but I want to remember these times with my kiddos so pay no attention to my fatness okay. Anyway, here we are getting ready to start, planning out our strategy...then in comes Otto the mascot. Totally mixes up our puzzle pieces. WTHECK! I was actually yelling at him that he needed to stop as the other team was just plotting away without interruption. I wasn't kidding, I was really seriously MAD. Didn't matter he messed them all up. UGH! JERK!

Ready...Go...I told Drew to grab the 2 center pieces on go...he did and put them backwards, OOPS! Oh and look at Otto standing there gloating, what a punk! I was so hot to trot. Trying to be a good Christian Girl & an example to my kids, but really wanting to punk that jerk down. {Sorry True} We lost by just seconds. As we laid our last piece down they announced they had a winner. So I thought we had it, but nope they finished just a sec. before us. :(


Game 2 of the Double Header. The Indians secured their entry into the playoffs ( I believe for series 1) with a win!

In the 2nd Game Haliee & Drew were asked to go lead "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"Monday we cleaned the garage (it was such a mess. Hal has been working too much & this Momma does NOTHING in the cold Winter). It is nice and clean now YAY! Afterwords we went & hit range balls with my NEW early BDAY Golf Clubs! I am going to take some lessons but Hal is helpful & I am great for some laughs! I want to be perfect at it NOW!!! Frustrating! :/ It was fun though!

What a super fun weekend with the loves of my life!


Anonymous said...

No wonder you don't get anything done around the house. lol
LV. Mom

Anonymous said...

No wonder you don't get anything done around the house. Took me FOREVER to read this. lol
LV. Mom

Anonymous said...

oops, thought I could alter the first one.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, it is too cute!!
LV. Mom