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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventures in Boating...

Here come more of my best laid plans :)

I have several stories of our boating I am sure all of you who are also boat owners do...UGH Here is our most recent:

2 weekends ago we went out to the lake for our 1st time this season. We planned to spend all day there. Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner! We arrived around 10 am fully loaded for a day of fun! I packed entirely too much of EVERYTHING per usual. Enough food & drinks for 20 people for 3 days...the bigger ice chest even though my husband said we wouldn't need it and it is SO dang heavy, too many drinks, the redi-shade canopy, lawn chairs, the mini bbq, all the tubes, pool toys, the list goes on...We launch without a hitch & boat over to our favorite place to beach! There was NO ONE there yet hooray, we got our favorite spot...As soon as we beached I could smell something smelled like plastic. I told Hal & he looked back to see smoke barreling out of the side of the boat. I thought oh crap an electrical fire. He was trying to get to the engine & take the cover off, one could move because there was stuff packed everywhere. So...we started throwing everything onto shore. Hal pulled the cover off but couldn't find a fire. He thought maybe the engine was just burning off the cleaner he had put on it. But...NOPE...I phoned my Dad to see what he thought & he knew right away what it was. Turns out it was the impellar so no water was getting to the engine. My other Dad was phoning then as they had driven over to spend the day with us. He had to hike in because we couldn't drive the boat that hot. Thankfully he did! After it cooled off Hal & I decided to go home & try & get parts. We left everyone else there in hopes we'd be back. NO LUCK. So we drove back out to the lake & hiked in. We all decided to hang out and try & eat some of this food we had brought. The kids swam and played & had a great time. We relaxed. I phoned my Dad again & half jokingly asked if he'd fly up & help Hal fix the boat. Guess what...he did, he hopped on a plane & flew up that same night! Don't I have the best parents ever! We all hiked all the junk {LOVE MY HUSBAND!} back up a pretty steep hill & quite a ways to the cars...Makin' memories right!?!
Here we are waiting for it to cool down...
Dad & Hal fixing it the next day! I would've taken more pics but you know how men are when they are working. I didn't want to bug them. It was so great to see Dad too! Even if it was for a bummer reason!


Hal was off yesterday so we decided to go try it out!!

Mr. Handsome Pants :)
Dying to get in the water...

Can we jump in??


Miss. Thang

Tubing Crashing


Makin' Memories...

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