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Saturday, June 12, 2010


I feel like life is passing me by! Sorry, I have so much to blog about I've got to find the time somewhere! I am still on the laptop *UGH* hopefully next week I will be back to my normal chaos...crossing fingers}

So here is a week's recap minus pics WAHHHH!

Haliee's softball is over! Tourney was last week. Phew...I wish the ball fields were closer to each other, it is way too hard trying to be across town at 2 places at once! Today is the beginning of Drew's tourney week, so we are on the home stretch! I will be workin' the snack shack so hopefully Haliee comes home from her end of year sleepover party to hang out with me in there. :0) We shall see...

Yesterday was also the last day of school! Yippee! I am happy, I love having them home. I am guessing we'll be eating alot of spaghetti, tacos, etc. as we will likely have a house full all summer! :0) I am so fine with that! Hailey Mac has already been here everyday this week!

Both kids got straight A's! :0) YAY!
Haliee received a 4.0 award a well as a $25 gift card to regal theatre & candy from her Pays to get A's award! We are so proud of her. Man middle school packs on the homework. She is the model student I never have to bother her at all about any of it. She does all her work, projects, etc. all on her own! Man, I could have 100 Haliee's...minus the mess!

Drew also got straight A's although they don't really grade in letter grades yet. He scored #1 in his class on their reading isats (state testing) & was advanced in all the areas. He is super strong in math and HATES writing but still received advanced. Ahh he is such a pain when it comes to writing. the kid has an amazing vocabulary but hates to jot it down. Oh well, there are worse things right!?

So collecting $/purchasing coaches gifts for both teams, teachers gifts, end of year parties, school luau booth running, sports, birthday party planning...I am a tired Momma!

Last night I helped Hal in the front yard getting our lawn, etc. back up to par. The day before we left for Seattle @ 3 am a drunk driver kid decided to crash into our yard. UGH! he was stuck in the grass revving his engine for 15 minutes until some friends ran down the street to help him get "unstuck" We called the cops & they found the kid, but he broke several sprinklers & totally tore up our yard :( Hal is just a little ticked. It was pretty scary, I just knew he was going to hit the house when he was revving the dang engine so high. So we fixed he sprinklers, put down new topsoil & planted seed in the damaged areas. Hopefully we'll recoup the $ from the restitution the cops requested. We shall see...

I have listed a few new cutie bows & some 4th of July are coming as soon as I have time to list them. I have some orders to get out this weekend too. It is such a pain editing pics in photobucket grrrr...well at least I can edit them at all right!

I am still hurting everyday, ugh..whatever, hopefully we can figure out whats up soon...and if I am being honest, I am having a rough week emotionally. I am going through my normal motions, on the outside, I am fine...but I am sad. I have empty arms this week :( Which really makes no sense right!? Life is so busy & hectic where would I squeeze more babies in? But no logic warms the heart. I think the reality of not having the ability to ever be pregnant/nurse again is the hardest part. There is nothing I can do about it and it just stinks :( Trying to be optimistic and I am so thankful for what I do have...but is is really hard...ahhh...I ma sure the laundry I am getting ready to do will help right!?!

Happy Saturday & I hope to post some pics soon! Seattle was a blast, the Mariners Game was sooo much fun! A great surprise to Drewy! I can't wait to share :0)


Caterpillar Creations said...

*hugs* Tab...have been thinking of you..


kaydensgracedesigns said...

Thanks sweet Ann! You are the best! HUGS & I swear you may have to come to Idaho & kidnap me for a collaboration lover! :) Ha ha!