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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch!

There is a really cool area here called Green Bluff where all the farmers grow pumpkins, apples etc. and are open to the public. There are several different farms from simple to extravagant. The kids LOVE to go to the Pumpkin Patch. They have hay rides, large and small corn mazes, stores, inflatable slides, trains, you name it! The largest farm has almost a fair going on. Several vendors, even funnel cakes, and food booths. Crazy! We went to 2 different farms this year & had alot of fun. We of course had Zoe with us, Haliee's friend Nat also went along with one of Jeni's friends.

We started at a smaller farm where they have several different little cutouts to take pics, a small Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Corn Maze, Hay Rides, Old Cabins, a Store, Apple Picking, & A Pumpkin Patch.
The Great Pumpkin "Patch"
Drew had to show me the rotten pumpkin, yum!
The other stop we made was to Siemer's Farm. This one is the nicest one of all. It is over the top fun for the kids. Very organized for me! They have a cool Castle Corn Maze. It even has a watchtower with "guards" looking over all the kids to keep them in line! I didn't go in, I then regretted it when I realized I wouldn't be able to snap pics the entire way! WAHHHH! They said inside you go around the corner and they have a zoo amidst the maze with actual taxidermy animals in them. Freaked them out when they turned a corner to find a tiger awaiting them, lol! They have a pirate ship play structure at the end. Super cute! They have 2 different train rides 1 for small kiddos and then 1 for everyone. They have a HUGE inflatable slide. Of course they dug that! They have several vendors and items for sale. They also have a cute little log cabin the kids can play in, they loved it! Haliee was a mess making sure her hair was flat ironed Sunglasses, patent leather vest, & pink uggs are completely necessary for the pumpkin patch right? *sigh* The mini me is coming ready or not, ha!

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