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Monday, October 12, 2009

Do you coupon?

Ok, I am OCD! About almost everything, truly. As most of you already know. Great if you are a bow customer, not so great if you live with me, ha! I have learned to be more patient as I age and my children are teaching me tolerance like it or not. "Chillax" as Haliee calls it. I am officially ADDICTED to couponing...I have always been crazy about getting good deals, since Hal & I got married. Growing up I was so spoiled, never even considering what daily expenses were or acknowledging they existed really. If I wanted something, I got it, including a new cosmo or people every time we went to the grocery store. I had never looked at the price of an item, ever. Any money I earned went to me, new clothes, going places, etc. Needless to say when we got married I was rudely awakened by reality, lol! When it was my/our money not Mommy & Daddy's paying for groceries, clothing, electricity, etc. my outlook slightly changed. *Sigh* A monster was created. I have since mastered this money saving skill to a fine art. I may just save us into the poorhouse, but we will always eat well, ha! I go to the store every week. I have a list of what we need and a list of what's on sale. We have a food storage comparable to any supermarket, lol. If it is on sale, I must have a coupon or 2 for it so by stacking it will be virtually free. I spend at least an hour a week organizing the coupons with the ads. The checkers know me, yes, true, but...I get great deals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is an example of last nights visit. I "needed" milk, hamburger meat, hot dog buns, aluminum foil, and well...that's pretty much it.
I spent $45. 59 and saved $112.34 + earned $.25 off per gallon of gas...

I got only 2 items which were not on dog buns, and mike & ike candy, oh that husband messing up my perfect couponing experience with his candy addiction, grrrr...
I didn't take a picture, dang, I will next time of all the booty, but here is a list of everything I got, no kidding....
1 box reynolds wrap
1 box mike & ike (grrr)
2 pkg. spaghetti
2 pkg. pasta
2 gallons milk
6 lbs. hamburger
1 pkg. hot dog buns
2 pkgs. ball park hot dogs
4 pkgs. keebler cookies
2 pkgs. nutter butter bites
2 (6ct.) pkgs. motts applesauce
2 (12 ct.) snapple yep, a case
6 boxes quaker granola bars
2 boxes pancake mix
2 (5 lb.) bags of sugar
1 welchs squeezable jelly
2 boxes cap n' crunch
3 bags hershey's baking chips (choc chips, etc.)
1 lg. coffee creamer

Oh....and I got a $10 rebate on the cookies, so if you factor that in, I only spent $35 you have a sickness? I really do, lol! I LOVE free stuff!

The sad part is...this was one of the more expensive "couponing" trips, I usually get more free. Here are a few pics of my food storage, I didn't open the fridges/freezers, I am a big enough dork this way right, but you get the idea, the scale is worse than you can see in pics as it is stacked 3 or 4 back. Yes, some of the pics are in the laundry room you know where you are supposed to store laundry goods, well, I am out of space. This is the part my husband always tells everyone. Do you think it is a problem or a blessing? My point is...when it isn't on sale, I don't buy & we don't notice because we already have it, lol.


Beki said...

Wow Tab. I need to start shopping with you. You're amazing.

erin said...

Can you please do my shopping for me? This is awesome!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

LOL, thanks guys! It is so addicting! Come on over, I'll help ya! :0)

The Ratcliff's said...

wow! i clip coupons and can't buy something unless i have a coupon or its on sale, but that is some serious bargain shopping. can u use 2 coupons for 1 item? that would be fab if you could!