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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drew's 1st Game!

It's official, my son is old enough to play football!~ SCARY! Really Scary! That being said, they are too cute! Here are some happenings from his 1st game. They were getting all excited and smacking each other for props on good plays, lol. Wasn't expecting that yet! They even passed the ball! They made blocks, tackles, touchdowns! So cute! They didn't let them kick any extra points this season as they are only 8. The boys disagreed, lol. They let them play both offense & defense at this level so they can learn the game. It is weird to see little string bean Drewy playing the defensive line, lol. On Defense he plays corner. On offense, he plays mostly 3 or 4 back. He is #48.


Beki said...

Good Drew. I can't wait to become a sports mom.

Jill said...

How stinkin cute!