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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lake City Homecoming Game!

A few weeks ago it was Lake City High School's Homecoming Game. The kids really wanted to go, and it sounded like fun! I hadn't been to a homecoming game since I was in high school, so, it's been awhile! We don't know any of the players, but, one of our friends daughters is in the band, and another of our friends daughter was chosen as the Freshman Court Princess. It's weird, here they have a princess and prince for every class and then the king and queen of the senior court. It was really fun, at least until 1/2 time...

The kids were having a blast, we sat by the Grimmets/Murphy's/Stone's/Ellenbecker's. The kids loved it, at 1/2 time the cheerleaders and the band did their thing, I was chatting away when suddenly Hal screamed "Emily just passed out" Emily is our friends daughter in the band. Oh my gosh, there she was on the ground in the middle of the field, out. Her Mom ran out and grabbed her and she was so white and clammy. About 20 minutes later she was ok, but it was so scary. After that, we were kinda blah. We left in the middle of the 3rd quarter and the poor Timberwolves were getting creamed on Homecoming. We were just in a funk after Emily.

Jordyn looked beautiful in her dress and the kids had great fun, so not all was lost! Haliee even had me paint her rally face! :) Too cute! Sorry the pics are really dark...I am too lazy to lighten & re upload, lol!

Emily is the very center sax player.

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