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Friday, June 26, 2009

See Tracy, you aren't the only one....

Who has DS addicted Children :0)

Here are the kiddos proving they can skate better than the other, lol! :0)


Beki said...

They look so cute skateboarding together. I'm glad my boys aren't old enough to care about video games. But I know that it won't last.
Love you Tab.

Katarina said...

I was just browsing through your posts and gosh, you are having so much fun!!!!Thank you so much for all your sweetest comments you always leave, LOVE ya;)))))
xoxo, Katarina

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Thanks Bek! Yes, you can't avoid the video game takeover, lol! My kids do play outside though :0) I was just on the wii last night super mario 3, I love all our old games!

Kat! Thanks sweet Momma! I LOVE my little sneak peeks into the life of Serbia~ You are so awesome! XOX