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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Firemen, Baseball, & Skateboards OH MY!

Phew, it has been a busy few weeks. With the kids out of school, it was supposed to chill out a bit right? WRONG! I have come to the conclusion my life is NEVER going to calm down, so I need to figure out how to keep up! Today Daddy is taking them to ride the Hiawatha Trail. It is a cool old train route with several tunnels & trestles they converted into a bike trail on the Idaho/Montana Border! So cool, you go through several super long tunnels which you have to have a flashlight, they are pitch black. One of the tunnels is 1.66 miles long in the complete darkness! Drew has been with Daddy before, this is Haliee's 1st time. I stayed behind to finish up my customs, so I am catching up with blogging and enjoying a quiet day, though I am jealous, they are having fun! What a great Daddy Day! You can read all about the Hiawatha here, it is really cool!

I am so beyond behind in my blogging, here are a few recent things we have been doing! I hope after some customs, I can come back & get Drew & Haliee's Bday Parties on! :0)

1st, my friend Mandy is a firefighter and she had me bring the kiddos in to the station so they could tour! It was really fun and interesting! She showed them every single thing, and I mean everything, lol! There is so much more to their job than I even knew! I think their favorite things were the pole (which is so LONG btw), and the jaws of life! They couldn't believe how heavy her gear was! It weighs 66 lbs. & they also carry an ax with them which I bet weighs 25 more lbs. UGH! In their living space it was a crack up, I forgot to snap pics cuz I was busy talking to the other firefighters, lol, shocking, I know; Anyway, they have 6 recliners all around the tv in the living room, 3 separate fridges (there are 3 different "teams" of firefighters (5 -6) who always work the same shift together) so they each have their own fridge & pantry. They are like a big family! They also mostly have their own bedrooms, no more bunk bed life! Very Cool! They even have a gym! They work 24 on/24off/24on/24off/24on/4 days off, then it repeats! Very cool!~Here are some fun pics...

They have racks and racks of gear like in the last pic above. They also have their individual gear ready in their seat of the firetruck so they can jump right into it when they get the call. They are assigned a daily job by their Chief as to whether they will work in the ambulance or the ladder truck. Most of their calls are actually medical calls and car accidents, not fires.

Thanks Mandy! That was really FUN!

Next, we went to a Spokane Indians game! They are our local Semi-Pro Team which are owned by the Texas Rangers. It was opening night and there were over 6,800 People there! They had a fireworks show at the end. Of course we took our Zoe with us! It was a great time!
This Bigfoot? Guy was stalking Drew, it was really funny. He is not the Indians mascot, so I am not quite sure why he was there, but he was great to the kids!
They got Mini Bats, Balls, and Helmets! They ate SO MUCH junk! Corndogs, Sodas, Chips, Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Cotton Candy, Redvines, they were in heaven! YUCK! I tried to snap a pic of the fireworks, but it was hard.

On Father's Day, Hal, Drew, & Papa Ken went on their Annual Father's Day Golf Out. Drew got to pick the course and I don't think it was the Men's 1st choice, but Drew was stoked! They were in a rush after Church so they couldn't wait while I snapped pics :( time. Then we just chilled and bbq'd. Later, we went down the the Coeur d' Alene Resort for some Gooey's! Gooey's are HUGE 3 or 4 person Ice Cream Sundaes YUM! We shared Butterfinger, Snickers, & Reese's! I forgot my camera :( While the men were golfing, Haliee & I went shopping and she decided on a skateboard. She has been wanting one to prove to her brother girls can skate too! :0) She had saved up $ from babysitting for the Grimmet's and cleaning for Ola. Here she is practicing while she waits for her brother to get home so she can show off! Of course it is PINK!

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