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Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Proud Momma! :0)

Well, School is officially out. HOORAY! We are all very excited! I had to upload this song per my son's request. :0)

Anyway, I received their report cards yesterday & I just have to say I have the most amazing kids! I am still an emotional wreck with my babies growing too fast, so bear with me, lol! But I just have to say "again" how thankful I am they are my precious gifts!

They are so much fun, have great personalities, great in school, active in all kinds of activities, etc. I am so proud of how they always give 100% in everything they do! (Well maybe except cleaning their rooms, ha! They are kids right!?)

They both got straight A's again!
Haliee has been in AP Math & Reading since 2nd grade and the teacher is tough. I have had a few conversations with her *friendly(ok mostly friendly) little reminders they are just children, elementary children, not college aged young adults* So I am extra proud of her for continuing to apply herself so well under sometimes extreme working conditions!

In addition to the straight A's, here are her EOCA (end of course assessment testing state & district scores)
Reading: 98%
Writing: 98%
Math: 100%
Science: 100%
Social Studies: 100%
Health: 100%

So...apparently...She is ready to move on to Middle School *sniff*
Drewy also did amazingly! He will go into AP Math and Reading next year as well (they only offer it in 3rd grade and up now due to the budget)

They don't test them in every subject for the EOCA at this age, but...he did awesomely.
He had a direct writing assessment which he received a 4.0 for. The kid hates to write, lol, and he got 100% on a huge state writing assignment! I wish I did as well at things I hate!

EOCA Scores
Language Arts: 100%
Math: 99%

YAY for my sweet babies!!! Thanks for letting me brag! :0)

On the morning before graduation, Haliee's Teacher & his sweet wife held a grad. breakfast for the kiddos for his class and their families! They are the best! They had a yummy pancake bar with strawberries, whipped cream, & chocolate chips!

Here are some pics of my baby girl receiving her diploma! LOL @ her flip flops, my Mom was less than impressed with her,I had to hear all about the dress being too nice for flip flops, lol! I say choose your battles! When Haliee got home she had 3 pair of shoes from her closet that were "more appropriate" laid out to show her, lol! ;) Gotta LOVE Grandma's!

I also have LOTS of new bows in the works for next week, so stay tuned...

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Jumpin Jilli Bean Baby said...

Middle school?!?!?!? OMG, I cannot believe my little Hay is going to be in middle school! :( They are both looking SO grown up! Where has the time gone Tab? Wish we weren't so far apart! Did Hal tell you I found him on facebook?? You need to get on there! It's fun!!!

Miss and love you guys!!
J :)