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Monday, February 7, 2011

We're Back...

We had the best time! Despite missing our kiddos terribly, it was perfect! It will take me a day to upload the pics so I'll be back with those later~!

We came home to these babies in our yard. It was a fundraiser for a church mission trip. Erin so generously paid it forward to us bird sitting for 24 hours! Isn't that hilarious! I wish there had been snow on the ground.

We brought back tons of stuff for the kiddos but here are a few gag gift prizes... When we pulled up the front door was open & we could see in to a huge banner & steamers everywhere welcoming us home. I can't believe I didn't take pics but it was chaos with flamingos arriving, kids crying, and trying to hide their real gifts until everything calmed down. They also decorated our room with glow lights everywhere, on the ceiling fan, candelabras, bed, lights, you name it, the bed was covered with love notes even some from Haliee's friends. I could kick myself now for not remembering a pick. It was so stinkin' cute. I LOVE these babies.

The morning we left was Drew's 1st game. Isn't he getting so big. *sniff* He wanted to play locally this season as Upwards is in Spokane & all his friends play here. Very different but he's having a blast!

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