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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drewy the sportaholic!

It's Saturday's which means Basketball games for a few more weeks. But...this morning Drewy had a Baseball Camp before his basketball game. It was pretty cute put on by the High School Baseball team & coaches. When we got there we learned Haliee's teacher last year & who she currently TA's for {Mr. Drake} is coaching JV this year so he was there. Haliee was excited & took his pic :) Drew says he is so going to CDA High if Mr. Drake is still coaching there! There were a ton more t-ball age kids there than I expected but they broke them up for the majority of time & they all had fun. Drew was in heaven playing with all those older boys! He is so ready for Baseball season.

The girls who insisted on coming with me, found ways to occupy their time...I swear they are regressing!

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