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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brodie's Shower...FINALLY!

Whooo is a psycho party girl??? Tabby! Tabby! Tabby!

This was the most fun, exhausting shower I have ever thrown. I had about 5 things I ran out of time to do...but only I noticed. I love how it turned out. I could have never pulled it off without Haliee my trusted sidekick who took every single one of these pics for her Momma, my sweet husband who put up with my "ridic" OCD and helped me anyway even after I kept making him re-do things because they weren't "perfect", & my sweet friend Karlene who spent countless hours scrap booking and showed up a few hours early & rescued a psycho Tabby trying to make everything "Perfect". I wanted to have everything together & pics all taken before anyone arrived, have had time to finish everything I planned, have been a little more put together myself, but guess what...I'm not perfect. is hard to say out loud...good thing HE and life are teaching me to deal with the truth!

I kept the entire theme a secret from Erin {which was so hard let me tell ya}. I told her to come 30 minutes early with the girls in white shirts & black leggings. She was freaking out because I just kept telling her how excited I was but I wouldn't let her know the details!

When they drove up, this is what they saw...

Now this sign was so AWESOME! Hal & I spent wayyyy to much time in a power struggle on the way it should look. He wanted to whitewash the boards, I wanted them old & natural. I told him there were no white washed boards in the forest, he pointed out there were no perfectly painted & glittery ones either. He went out in the forest & found a broken sapling for the post, fashioned the boards, distressed the edges, saved the rusty nails to renail the finished boards to the post (cuz I love him & he's ocd like me) and seriously down to the bitter end we debated the painting, lol. I finally said, "Hal, this is my shower." He was quick to point out it was "HIS" sign, he made it. ROF! Notice, I WON! {Just sayin...}

I loved how this sign turned out! If you notice the owls on the left, there is 1 owl for each member of their family!! :)

I made the girls all tutus, fairy wings, sweet fairy headbands, & light up magic fairy wands because every big sister deserves a special present & because they matched my theme & looked adorable! They were all so super excited (well my Zoe was feeling a little babyish, & wasn't real impressed with matching her baby sisters, but she wore it for her Pabba). The babies were in heaven. Erin was crying lol! Sorry for the million pics, but look at these girls..aren't they precious, I couldn't narrow it down. I loved their expressions & just their plain ole' cuteness!

I so so loved how this sign turned is hanging in his room now!

These were the game prizes & the thank you gifts.

The flowers were a gift from Erin to me & thank goodness because I bought fresh flowers but ran out of time to make the arrangements I wanted. She was freaking out they didn't match. They were beautiful & perfect!

The "Family Tree" Hence the photo shoot I did before the shower...remember the pics...way back when??

I decoupaged Erin her own glass~

The clothes pins for the "Don't say baby" game

Playin' games~

We played the clothes pin game, celebrity baby name match, Whoo knows Erin best, the left & right story game. I wrote a story for this about Erin & seriously had to keep myself from crying when I read it. What a NERD! I can't remember that special place I put the copy, so I'll scan it in when I find it. We played 1 more game too, but I forget...LOSER!

The food...I am all about food! I love love love how the little markers and straws turned out. I am telling you I could have never pulled this off without Karlene! And...believe it or not, I don't have pics of all of them or all the different food. :( You have to notice the sweet little acorn cookie/candies Haliee made all by herself. SO Stinkin' Cute.

The present table. I didn't get the best pic of the inside but it looked super cute. the ball was moss covered and have some sweet crepe paper roses on it.

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GORGEOUS job Tab!!! ;0)