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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spirit Day!

Today was spirit day at the middle school. So last night I get a text from both Haliee & Heather separately during youth group (supposedly after the lesson). They were concocting a sleepover plan. Ummm...on a school night? You girls know the rules, I know but Mommy {Tabby} we want to make spirit shirts for school tomorrow, we promise to go right to bed after we finish...PPPLLLLEEEAASSSEEEE....sigh...I caved. SO...they painted up a storm and did go right to bed, and there was nothing pertinent going on today as they finished all their finals yesterday. They were up at the crack of dawn gettin' their Orange on. On spirit day the 6th graders are red, 7th orange, and 8th purple. They were glowing and had crazy glitter on their eyes you can't see. What goofy girls! :)

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