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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seattle trip September 2010

Yes, I said September...cuz despite my best efforts, that's how we roll around here!! Ola, Papa Ken & Jeni went over with us this time. It was fun but they are no where near the addicts we are, so they thought we were nuts! We went to 2 games, a night game the 1st day and and afternoon game the following day. Ola & P.K. declined the 2nd day invite to go hang @ The Farmers Market, etc. (LOSERS) Don't they know the Mariners ROCK? (Ok, maybe rock is a stretch, but we love them anyway) The 1st night was a Mariners fleece blanket giveaway night. The kids were beyond excited. While we were waiting to get in Daddy took them to the Mariner's Store & they came back sporting these Jerseys! They were totally stoked!

OMG...we have been waiting in this line like forever...Technology is bittersweet...
Waiting for the game to start Batting Practice

You can take photos of yourselves and text them to hopefully make it on the screen. They did & were freaking out!


Needin our rally caps...

It's even fun when we are losing!

The next day we sat in the cheap seats in the sun for the afternoon game. It was still super fun except it was hard to see the batting and read the balls.

The view is so different from up here. It was fun to be closer to the outfielders and be so close to the bull pen though! I'm still spoiled to right behind home plate.

Haliee showing off her new bracelet & wearing her new snow hat in the boiling heat, lol.

Cotton Candy still ROCKS in the cheap seats!

The Manager getting ejected after arguing a call. {I would never do that what is this guys problem? COUGH!} It actually was like a 20 minute process and quite funny. They kept playing hilarious songs and noises appropriate to the circumstance.

Do you think they still say "good game" to each other at this level?

The promo this day was kids run the bases, so after the game they roped off all the way from the filed up to the top of the stadium & the line was clear to the very top. It took like 2 hours to get down but Drew LOVED every minute of the run.

They received a pin & certificate.

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