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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Life is so crazy...Basketball starts today to add to my chaos the good news about sports is I get to sit in 1 place for at least an hour and a half! YEAH! :) I wouldn't trade it for the world, I will be so bored when these babes grow up!

Thank goodness for friends who teach me their trades so I can be cheap and do it myself! Isn't she cute!
Even with crazy mornings I try and make special surprises for my sweet baby boy! He was super excited for his shadow box turtle breakfast!

Last weekend my parents invited us out to bowling & mongolian bbq. The kids had a blast {bowling is LAME and not even my favorite place to be in my opinion, but we had fun!} Afterwards we went to the HuHot, the kids Love it here as they have the cook stove right in the middle of the restaurant so you create your own combo & take it to them to cook in front of you. They make tiny little portions so they can go back 50 times. It is all you can eat. They ordered smores for dessert & they brought them a create your own kit compete with a little bunson burner to cook over. It was super cute. The pics were on my cell phone which has no flash so I lightened them so you could see.
A few weeks ago Hal & I snuck away for a little movie date. In the lobby there was a huge display for JB's upcoming movie so Hal thought he could trick Haliee into thinking JB was stopped here on his way to Seattle for a performance. LOL, I sent this from my cell but she was like Dad I could totally tell he was a cutout. BTW, I would kill you both if you met JB without me! :)
***Only 9 more sleeps til' my Anniversary trip! I'm so excited!!!

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