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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So totally cute!

Drew brought home a gift from a friend a week or so ago & everyday she has been hounding him to open it. He kept telling her he was saving it for Christmas, but then she insisted he open it now so he could enjoy it before Christmas. This morning, he opened it....

It was a penguin snow globe ornament! He was so excited & thankful as he collects penguins. He hung it on the tree & couldn't wait to get to School & thank her.

My favorite part was a little note taped to the present that read:

To: Andrew
From: Find out inside

Dear Drew,

Thanks for being the best friend ever! Since you have been my friend since kindergarten, I got you a gift. And I don't like, like you so, your welcome.
From: Shelby

Isn't that the funniest, sweetest thing! I love all her punctuation. It is definitely going in the memory box forever! So sweet!

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