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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hunter/Grimmett Family Christmas 2010

The kids were so much fun this year! They are all into their own things, going their own ways...Too much fun!! Poor Mike requested smoking a tri-tip for dinner and then got stuck at work for 2 extra hours, but it all worked out in the end...I sure love these Grimmetts!

Ellie fell asleep in the 1/2 mile drive to our house {See another non-perk from them moving away} so she needed some snuggles from her Haliee to take her crabbies away! Sophie was super excited she got to drink sparkling cider out of real champagne flutes like the big kids. Ellie loved playing with baby Jesus and all his "friends".

Little Momma Haliee got tons of makeup, sparkles and bling galore, candy, and a super cute makeup bag. She loved it all of course!

Drew got baseball cards {can you say addicted}, candy, and a fun "Where's Santa" Book. He & Hal were looking up the cards in the beckett for hours.

Zoe asked for Justin Bieber shirts, so of course she got them :0)

Sophie switches daily from girl to tomboy, so we got her a lil' of both a princess for the bath and buzz lightyear bean bag toss. She kept asking me where the pillows (beanbags) were.

Ellie is into being a pill, being 2, being cute...ok, being a pill! She got a princess for the bath too as well as a Bullseye galloping flashlight.
Baby Brodie Man is into being handsome and nursing every 15 minutes, oh and colic too, that's one of his request he got diapers and A&D! I can't believe I have no pics of him except with Haliee opening her gifts...poor baby Brodie Man!

Hmmmm....and well we were only supposed to get stuff for all the kids but of course Erin broke the rules and got Hal & I a gift card to Red Lobster...what a stink!

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