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Monday, March 16, 2009

A SURPRISE Getaway!! :0)

We had a great weekend! My Other Mom (step - mom sounds I don't know not important enough right?) was nominated for this awesome "Women Making Herstory" Award for her awesome commitment to society by Boise State University (SO AWESOME), so we decided to surprise her & drive down for it! You can read about it here...

So we planned all week and no one knew! I called Boise State and secretly RSVP'd for our family :0) We got Drewy a suit and I worked my tail off to get my customs out before we left!!
We drove down Friday (it is about a 6 1/2 - 7 hour drive) and just walked in the house! She about jumped off the couch when she looked up & saw us standing in the living room!!! It was great fun to surprise her like that!

We had a fun weekend and I got to surprise my whole family as no one knew we were coming! The kids looked so cute in their formal wear and I guess I will have to go get their pictures taken because we were so busy, the photo shoot was cut out of the plan per usual. LOL, despite my best efforts, I am unable to squeeze 30+ hours out of a day.

It was so fun nevertheless and we are so proud of her for being chosen. It was nice to see her hard work recognised. My kiddos were excellent as they had to sit for 3 hours through the ceremony. I got to see my new niece who is 5 months old now, so I was so glad to meet her finally!!! We hung out with family, I had the pleasure of the wii fit deeming me "obese" thanks so much, lol. We went bowling which the kids LOVED, stayed up all night talking both nights, & My Dad even got up at 5:30 Sunday morning to make his spoiled brat daughter Prime Rib before we left. I am a brat I know!!! We begrudgingly got back in the car for the ucky drive home (man I should've flown, lol) and decided it would be fun to donate some $$ to the casino along the way.
:( We were feeling extra generous to the state of Washington as well and will be donating $154 to their cause for "excessive speed" apparently 44 mph is excessive!
:( Short moral to this story...When the parents want Red Robin, don't allow the 7 year old to decide otherwise and head to Olive Garden, there is an officer waiting in the parking lot of Toys R Us to ticket you. UGH! So feeling wonderfully FULL in our hearts and unfortunately LIGHT in our pocketbooks, we are home!!!

I will be bowing my little fingers to the bone this week and I have a fun launch coming up tomorrow themed "My Favorite Things" with LemonLime.

ANYONE have any "Favorite Things" they would like me to create bows around this week!? Just let me know & stay tuned! ;0)
HUGS, here's to a great "GREEN" Week!

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Beki said...

That sounds like fun even if it was only a short trip and cost you an extra speeding ticket. The video of the boys dancing is working now. I hope to see you soon.