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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Kid's new Spring Break Restaurant! :0)

So today is the 1st day of Spring Break here & we are laying low this year! I am so tired of running like a maniac, we decided to stay home!

Anyway, my kids have been playing while I worked all morning. Softball, Tether ball, Wii, Board Games, etc. Haliee's friend Ally spent the night last night, & they have all been playing so well as a threesome "YAY"!! So a few minutes ago, in came Ally & Haliee to offer me lunch at their Restaurant! They created menus, made all the food and waited on Drew & I. Aren't they cute!!! In their pockets are order forms, napkins, and silverware. Drew's place setting even included a charger plate, lol!

Drew of course chose all JUNK for lunch. I tried to adjust his order but Haliee shut me down, claiming ownership of her restaurant. LOL, I guess once is ok. Here is what Drew ordered:

Hazelnut Italian Soda
Crackers & Dip
He is also quite smart, he had his bill sent to my table, what a terd! Forgive his piggie shirt!
LOL, I guess since they literally ate 3lbs. of strawberries after dinner last night, I can let them slide right!? Ok, I am back to work, I just had to share! I hope they make you smile as much as they did me~ Look for some new Easter goodies this afternoon & some fun & games goodies starting tomorrow!

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