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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Spring Bowsies & an AMAZING Charity...

This Morning in Church these amazing kids were brought up on stage to be thanked for their kind hearts. These kids were so little I would say 4, 6, 9 if I had to guess, I am not totally sure. Anyway, they visited a rural medical clinic in Mexico and were inspired to help sick children, so they started a lemonade stand. After realizing they weren't quite making the money they were wanting, they came up with the idea of selling dish towels. Interesting choice I know, but these little selfless entrepeneurs are doing something right! The middle daughter designed the logo & they basically have been selling them just on word of mouth. They are only $5 each. They have raised over $15,000 selflessly selling these towels! Here is a brief bio of the kids which comes attached to the towel when you purchase it. Sorry it's kind of blurry & small, I tried to enlarge it, but it was cut off when I posted. Needless to say after hearing these little kids speak there wasn't a dry eye in the place. How amazing that such little kids could make a difference! I thought I would share! Here is a picture of my towel, of course somehow between church & now, it is dirty, lol, apparently I spilled lunch on it?~ I think their email is They posted it on the screen but I didn't pay much attention (oops) :0)
***Ok, so no sooner than I posted this & walked away to switch the Miss. Thang Tech Savvy daughter found this on u-tube. Man, I feel old, lol. Anyway, here are the kiddos if you want more info! Thanks Miss. Haliee Girl :0)
Also, here are some new spring bowsies as I sit in my snow filled world, lol! I hope you like them! The 1st one is already listed, the link is below. I will be listing the last 2 tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I scrubed my house today, ugh, but it is all sparkly now, YAY!! HUGS Tab

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