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Monday, August 10, 2009

What a fun weekend!

I had such a great weekend! I have to get myself in gear today and clean, laundry, work, blah...but this weekend, was all about fun!

First Hal and I dropped off the kids with Papa Ken (My Mom is in Reno for a week with some friends) & headed to dinner at the Davenport YUM! The best chicken I have ever eaten seriously! It was stuffed with mushrooms, prosciutto, and Gruyere then had a crispy crust and was encircled with truffle oil and a amazing cheese sauce. HEAVEN! Perfect ambiance as the Davenport is always sure to deliver and what better company than my sweet husband Halarini right!! :0) You can check out the Davenport here. it is AMAZING if you have never read about it here before, you have to check it out, it is my favoritest place to splurge! Hal took me here a few years ago for a surprise 10th anniversary stay away and I was thoroughly pampered. Since then, we sneak over here for a bite to eat as often as we are able to.

Next, we went to the Fray Concert. IT WAS AMAZING! A new band named Vedera and Jack's Mannequin opened for them and it was the most hysterical concert I have ever been to. It was their last stop of the tour so they were all pranking each other...From duck taping everything together, to coming in mid song and unplugging/taking instruments as they tried to remain playing, to super soakers and flour bring thrown all over them...finally when The Fray opened, there was a strip of screen on top of the stage that the people on stage could not see and there were instructions on there for us to "prank" them. So at different parts of the show, the whole audience in unison would do things like turn and have your back to them, stand straight with arms up, then jazz hands, at one point the lead singer stopped singing because he was so perplexed and laughing. The only thing I say is...I AM OLD, I was so annoyed everytime people would stand and scream, lol. I was like, can't we all just sit here quietly and enjoy the show. :0) All in all it was perfect. We had awesome seats and it was a fab concert! I also learned the guitarist's Grandmother and 1 of his parents was raised in Spokane! I had no idea! Very cool.
After the concert we went to Kohl's lol, at 11:30 pm to shop as they were open til' midnight for power hours and we had a ton of combineable coupons! I spent $235 and saved $549 WOOHOO! I got some new stuff with my bday $ from my Momma and got the kids some of the things they had asked for for school. I also got the perfect pull up bar so we can start P90-X today is day 90 (I am scared, lol) and a fun counter pitcher (like what restaurants have for their iced tea or lemonade) with a spout for our homemade soda pop! It was so weird and fun to shop that late, there was noone else there!

The next morning we just hung out, Papa Ken took the kiddos out to breakfast and then came over. We all decided to play frisbee golf at this cool park called "Cherry Hill" They have a frisbee golf course, tennis courts, an awesome park dedicated to 9-11 all the toys are police cars, fire engines, etc. , they also have a BMX Track and hold races there as well as sledding hills in the winter too fun! Anyway, this course is HARD! It has tons of huge pine trees, you go up and down big hills, and after 14 holes, the kids and I said you men finish, we shall be at the park, lolol!

Afterwards, we made rootbeer and then Papa Ken took us out to "The Porch" for dinner. YUM! It is our favorite local restaurant for awesome food and very reasonable! I talked the Men into getting 2 of the specials so I could still get my fav. but try both of the specials, I know, I am a BRAT! :0) On the way home we rented "Race to Witch Mountain" and I happened to WIN a BET with Papa Ken as he bet me it was "Escape to Witch Mountain" HA! I LOVE TO BE RIGHT! :0) Hee, hee! We all watched it in the media room and it was pretty cute.

The next morning, I made breakfast and the Grimmet Girls joined us before we headed off to church! :) Church was great, next the Men including Drewy went to play golf and us girlies made the dessert and then headed off to Honeysuckle Beach. We had a yummy dinner and then ended up in a double dutch competition, lol! I had to go get Erin next door as we are all so competitive! I WON I WON, LA LA LA! LOL! It was fun, let me tell you it is harder at 31 than 13 by a LONG SHOT!

Such a fun family filled weekend! I Love fun family times! Sweet Memories... :0) How was your weekend????

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