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Saturday, August 1, 2009

I LOVE Summer!

Look at all the sweet Summer goodies I came home too! YAY! I LOVE fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers! I forgot to snap pics of my lilacs and lilies before we left and they were gone when we returned, but here are some new beauties!

Also, the silly kids acquired a new competition from the reunion...LEG WRESTLING. It is a Bowman tradition from way back & we had so much fun doing it at the reunion. Here are my kiddos trying it out last night!

Before we went to the Reunion we had a girls day with Ola! We went to lunch & shopped til' we dropped! The "Men" went golfing and we went shoppin'! Haliee had saved some $ from babysitting our fav. Grimmet girls and man it was burning a serious hole, lol! She got tons of stuff of course Ola helped a bit! :) Ahhh...she has def. been bitten by the preteen bug! Her Dad hated all her clothes, lol, I say choose your battles. I later got into trouble for letting her get "THOSE UGLY SHORTS THAT ARE WAY TOO SHORT" I didn't think they were too bad, I see my Dad coming out in full force in Hal "RUN HALIEE, RUN" Lol! She is such a good girl, the length was not her care in the least, just those wonderful neon graffiti's LOL! I am OLD! ;0) The fake nails are a riot, she got 2 sets, zebra & black & silver peace signs. She kept them on all of 12 hours, goofy kid. Nevertheless, we had a great day! Too much fun! Here is Haliee and all her booty! She was so proud of herself for buying almost all of it on her own. She now has saved up $40 more $ and is dying for another girls day!

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