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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Morning :0)

Well, my Step-mom invited me to meet her at the casino for the weekend with the kiddos. My nephew who is 4 also came along. Poor dh had to work, as did my dad. Sorry guys, lol! We had a great time (expcept, I lost) the kids were little fish in the hotel pool. Did I mention I lost, lol. BOO! Tonight 2 of my girlfriends are taking me to dinner for a belated b-day girls night, and this weekend my parents are keeping my kiddos so Hal and I can have a date weekend! Wow, I should turn 30 more often, lol! I am thinking we will try a different casino rof! Maybe I will be luckier with a belly full of Red Lobster? I am optimistic, lol!

On a more realistic note, Lemonlime is having a mini-Halloween-launch Wednesday! I am teaming up with some sweeties! So look for some new Halloween treats! Think candy corn, witches, spongebob oh my, lol!

I also have some super fun collaborations in the works with my sweet friend Mary Beth of Wildbydesign and Mel radisheznroses! So stay tuned :0)

Ok, I have some bows to make this am and we will probably run to the lake this afternoon for a little fun on the boat!



Sharon said...

I sent the weekend at the casino with my Grandkids!LOL I did not Gamble though! Still recoverng from the last trip! I hope you have better luck this weekend!

Tab said...

LOL, well I should've just not gambled til' this weekend rofl! Thanks for the good luck! :0) HUGS ~Tab

Annie said...

aww.. im so glad you started this!
happy bow making!

Tab said...

Thanks so much sweetie :0) ~Tab

Lilli's Mom said...

Your new BLOG is awesome! Now I can keep up with ya. I'm lovin' all of your new goodies!!