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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A bet is a bet...

Of course this baseball loving family was glued to the TV for the World Series. That goes without saying...well Haliee is a bit burnt out, but...the rest of us are now so sad it is over. What would make it more complete without a friendly little wager? Up until now Drew had pretty much agreed with his Dad on everything. He liked the teams Hal liked, had most of the same opinions in general. But, part of growing up is forming your own opinions, having your own interests, developing your own personality. All of these things good right, we all strive to raise self-confident, driven, world changing adults...EXCEPT HAL, LOLOL! He is having a hard time with his son rooting for his own team! Obviously the poor Mariner's are not one of this years contenders. We had not wanted Texas to win as they are in our division hence being one of our rivals. But, As the end drew nearer, the Hunter Men were divided. Drew's best friend's family are Cardinal Fans, his Dad coming from St. Louis area, so Drew chose St. Louis. Hal chose Texas and was not impressed with his son's choice to vote differently. :) So...a bet ensued.

The stakes:
The Loser was to purchase for the winner: A pack of Baseball Cards, and the winner was able to spray the loser with sparkling cider!
This was mostly fun...they only were crabby a few dozen times! :) They were hilariously running their trash talk and I was unbiased although, I was really hoping Drew would win so I could see Hal be sprayed with cider!

The Verdict:
You can guess how impressed Daddy was with this outcome! I made him wait until the next morning so I could record it in the daylight, so he came up to our room dinging a fork on the bottle letting Hal know it was time to face his inevitable fate! He tried to manipulate Drew into welching on the bet telling him he would never spray Drew with cider, ha! YEAH RIGHT! Go Drewy! This was so hilarious! Be sure to pause the music & enjoy, as you can tell I thoroughly did!!!
Finally, some random pictures found on my camera of my favorite girl :) LOVE HER!

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