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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Friday!

This year Kohl's opened at Midnight as I am sure most of you know. Great for crazy shoppers, not so great for associates and their families! We had to modify our Thanksgiving holiday so Hal could at least attempt a nap before going to work at 10 pm to ready the store for chaos! I had been planning these cookies for several days working on them in my so not spare time and when he was at work or sleeping. I wanted to surprise him with these on black friday. It was my 1st attempt at royal icing and I learned alot. They were super fun to create and I am not happy with their final look but I will accept them as my 1st attempt at perfection. Everyone has been bugging me to see them so here they are! They made Hal smile so I achieved my goal even if I was unable to make them "perfect" as I had hoped!

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