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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween Haliee & Heather decided to make their costumes and be matchy match Cody Simpson loving glow in the dark fairies! They made their own tutus, wands, headpieces, and tees! They have a little more respect for the time I put into making tutus now! About 1/3 of the way into it they were begging me to finish them! :) It all turned out super cute!

I caved and let Heather sleep over Halloween Eve. Here they are sporting their awesome tee's and eating their special Halloween Morning pancakes & Orange Julius :) After 3 takes, their is a cute pic without one of them being a stinker! Love these little hot messes!
Halloween Treats for my favorites :)
A bittersweet morning for my last Elementary School Parade. :( *SNIFF*
Couldn't forget my Zoe-Bug Zebra!
Isn't his friend John's Zoot Suit CUTE! LOVE the Mobster idea!
Haliee decided to go with Heather's family trick or treating this year as we were going out to Hal's Bosses house. I agreed so long as I got some good pictures of them. Here is what Haliee provided me....GRRR....she swears there are more coming from Heather's Momma!
And my crazy creative son...Can you guess what he is this year??? After much deliberation and internet surfing for ideas. Here is what he decided on (those are little sponges, hard to tell in the pictures). He didn't want a traditional costume this year. He is so funny & witty! I LOVE him!
Meet Mr. "Self-Absorbed"!!!!!!!!

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