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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drew's Happy 10th Birthday May 31, 2011

Hey, I am just under the 4 months behind amazed! :) Here we go...trying to catch up!

Happy Happy 10th Birthday Drewy!
I can't believe my baby boy is 10. These years have flown by and have been so much more amazing then I could have ever imagined. Drew, is such a fun little man in the making, here are 10 things I LOVE about my boy:
  1. He is a great student, such a smart little guy
  2. He is so close with his sister it is scary
  3. He LOVE sports especially Baseball & is very athletic
  4. He is the best{and worst *ha*!} mix of both Hal and I
  5. He is OBSESSED with Baseball
  6. He LOVES the Seattle Mariners
  7. He is very caring and compassionate (he will be good husband & daddy someday)
  8. He will argue until YOU concede. He does know best after all, just ask him! ;) (I guess I don't love this but it is a valid comment for this post)
  9. He enjoys the finer things in life, would choose steak and lobster or sushi & veggies over fast food any day and has for years.
  10. He is an optimist and will find the bright side to pump up anyone who is down.
I just love this little guy to bits! I am so lucky to be his Momma! :)

Here are Drew's Birthday Questionnaire answers for the 1.0. Double Digit Birthday!

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Song or Band: Bon Jovi
Favorite Sports Team: Seattle Mariners
Favorite TV Show or Movie: Survivor Man/Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief
Favorite Hobby: Playing Baseball
BFF: Thomas Kladar
Who do you want to Marry?: Not Sure (according to Haliee: JoAnna Donofino)
What is your biggest accomplishment this year?: Pitching & Catching every game & hopefully making all-stars
Who do you most admire or look up to?: My Parents
What do you want to be when you grow up?: A Professional Baseball Player

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