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Friday, September 16, 2011

Cody Simpson Concert 2011 "Waiting 4 U Tour"

The evening before the concert!!! Making some awesome glow in the dark paint tee's! :)

The most handsome tallboy chauffeur on the planet! ;)
Party Bus turned sleep shack about 30 min. into the drive!

Such a pretty drive!
So luckily, Hal decided we should check into the hotel prior to getting in line, just so we wouldn't be doing it late that night. We left really early that morning, the girls wanted to be 1st in line for the concert as it was general admission! So, I had booked reservations at the Travelodge near the University. It had decent ratings, we needed a pretty big place as there were 5 kids + Hal and I and I didn't want to spend Millions since we were literally just sleeping there. So we pull up, it looks ok, not terrible. I go check in and she tells me the suites are actually in a different building behind and there is no parking lot. Ummm...ok...great, so we all trek suitcases, etc. across the street, up a flight of stairs and it is like an old apartment building with a sign slapped on the side, umm...great...So we open the door and a member of housekeeping is flushing the toilet, "breathe in" "don't be a snob"...ok, so he awkwardly leaves, it is like a 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen/living room/dining room. An olive green fridge, a mustard yellow stove, a coffee table which looks to have been set on fire or something. CAN YOU SAY FRAT PARTY GONE BAD! Hal and I look at each other..."NO THANK YOU" So we roll everything back across the street and Tabby goes in to politely as she can muster to check back out! YIKES! Thank goodness for technology as I would be spending the next hour on my phone searching the web for suites large enough to accommodate our crew. So not in my always plan everything comfort zone!!

WOOHOO! We made it to the venue! We have some super excited shrieking girlies! After $40 for parking...We were like 3rd in line. I was trying not to freak and find a hotel room asap. I finally did and it was quite nice! :) *sigh*
"Waiting for U" Cody!! :) They were so excited! It was right across from Pike Street Market and Starbucks, they were seriously beyond excited & Rockin' those awesome shirts! I wasn't impressed standing outside a smoke shop in line for 5+ hours, but making memories for these babies right!?!
1st opener was Shane Harper who frankly seemed so old for this venue but the kids knew him from Disney Channel. He sang fine and I am surprised anyone had a voice left to cheer for Greyson & Cody with all that screaming in line and even when the DJ was warming up "IYIYIYI" lol!
There was a little girl as a 2nd act opener, I can't remember her name but she was like 11 or 12 and good grief she was mousey. He had really grimey older men as her band too...not my favorite, I chose not to take pix.

Next up, Greyson Chance! He played the piano quite well and the girls went nutso!
Finally, their favorite little Aussie! Good grief, these girls can SCREAM! They were so over the moon excited! These 2 boys were so cute & weren't trying to act grown up.
Seriously, after it was over everyone sounded like they had been sucking helium. Haliee was convinced they had been pumping it into the room, but it was our ears being damaged from the shrilling girls & I guess the loud music too. It was crazy! After the concert, it was pretty late and everyone was exhausted so we decided to just go to the hotel and order pizza! We checked in and I phoned Dominoes...they would not deliver after dark to any hotels as someone was robbed a few years ago. REALLY??? A Dominoes who doesn't I phone Pizza Hut...same answer. Really people, we are not in the hood... I even offered to meet them out in the parking lot...NOPE! So I finally find some less known "Pizza Shoppe" who will deliver, by this time is is almost 11pm. These poor kiddos are so tired. They are literally falling asleep. Ummm...heck no, I just spent almost $80 on pizza (no 5.5.5. deal here lol), they better stay up and eat it! :) I was literally jumping on their beds and shaking them awake until it arrived lol!!
The next morning we were up early, hurried through breakfast, and hit the road. Heather & Drew both had to pitch that evening so we had to get a fairly early start. We made it about 20 miles out of Seattle and poor Zoe started getting sick. She threw up about every 20 minutes all the way home. Poor baby. There was tons of road construction so we were either stuck at a standstill or unable to exit for what seemed like an eternity. After 30 pit stops and a few detours, we made it home with about 20 minutes until both game times...Making Memories is all I can say!

The girls said it was the best thing that has ever happened to them! :) Man, am I TOO OLD FOR SCREAMING GIRLS, STANDING ROOM ONLY, 5 HOUR LINES, AND LOUD MUSIC! was all worth it to make them happy! It is hard to believe my kiddos are old enough already to go to concerts! What happened to Disney on Ice? Life is flying by...

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