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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drew's Birthday Weekend Part 1:

To say my son is obsessed with Baseball would be a complete understatement! He eats. sleeps.breathes. it! We are such a baseball family, but he takes it to the next level (ok 10 levels)! He is either playing it, watching it, reading about it, or dreaming about it. Of course all of these include him talking about it every moment of his little monkey day! We LOVE going to the ballpark as a family & plan on visiting as many ballparks as we can! It's top on our family bucket
list! I wish we lived just a little closer to Seattle so we could go watch the Mariners more often, but at least it is completely doable in a weekend~! Drew's birthday falling on Memorial Day weekend is a plus for traveling! Going to see the Mariner's is always his birthday desire! This year he opted not to have a friends party this year & go somewhere else after the Mariner's Games, which was totally fine by us! Post coming soon about this magical place!

This trip to see the Mariner's play was just as fun as the last; When you have fresh squeezed Lemonades, Blazin' Bagels Snickerdoodle Bagels and Pastrami Jalapeno Bagel Sandwiches, the beautifully manicured SafeCo ballfields, and some awesome talent...all topped off by being able to enjoy it as a family you love more than the air you breathe~ What's not to love!?! You are always hoping the M's can pull off a win at least once while you are there as an added bonus...

We went to 2 games this trip...Day 1 Was M's v.s. Yankees! Super quick game and we sat in The Hit it Here Cafe. NOT my favorite location. We won't be doing that again, it was really hard to see and I'm a brat...I want GREAT seats lol! Hal did order the kiddos this massive platter size slice of $20 chocolate cake with yummy raspberries! They thoroughly enjoyed that giant slice of greatness! Thanks DADDY! It was really cool to see the Yankee's Play! Drew spent most of his birthday $ on some cool M's stuff including a new "Smoak" Jersey which of course had to be specially made for the birthday boy...cuz he is mine! :) We topped off the evening with some Krispy Kreme ya know since Mom allows us to break all the healthy eating rules on vacation...had to take full advantage! Their Krispy Kreme is HUGE! They have all kinds of different stuff including mini pies and several varieties of doughnuts we certainly don't have here!

We are pretty sure there were some members of Michael Saunders family sitting in front of us. The gentleman looked alot like him and they had Canadian accents! ;)
Must show some LOVE to our Root Sports peeps who allow us to watch every M's game in HD!
The next morning we were up and ready to rock for a little bp before the game. Game 2 was M's v.s. Orioles. Drew was lucky enough to have Chone Figgins {pronounced Sean but we affectionately refer to him as "Chonie Figgy"} sign his mitt! The players were close enough to touch all afternoon, so super fun! We had AWESOME seats right on the 1st base line! Both games
went really fast this time, too fast. :( I might also add the outfielder for the Orioles Mr. Pie{pronounced pee-A} has a bad attitude and is lacking integrity. I was not impressed with his unsportsmanlike conduct and just wanted the throw him under the bus as being a JERK! Okay, I feel a little better! I hope we are able to get seats here or along the 3rd base line front row everytime it was so cool! Drew was in a birthday boy fog with a permasmile so I guess mission accomplished for our baby boy! After the game and a few dozen Blazin' Bagels to go...we jumped on the freeway on route to our 2nd destination which was equally fun and awesome!! Here are some pics from our super fun family weekend obsession! Happy Birthday DREWY!
Getting a siggy from Figgy!

SO FUN to be this close to King Felix warming up!!

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