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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tabba's lil' princess...

So some of our our bestest friends/neighbors also have a sister to our dog & our the dogs are just like our kids socially, they always are going to one another's houses, weird, but funny. Anyway...Hal put a doggie door into our fence so the dogs could go back and forth. Well, Sophie and Ellie love to use it as well to come to Tabba's even if Mommy says NO. A few nights ago Sophie had to go home & get her bath and ready for bed. Apparently she decided she was ready to come back to Tabba's...her Momma was busy getting Ellie out of the bath too and she escaped to try & get through the doggie door and back to Tabba's! She was screaming bloody murder as her Momma drug her back through the doggie door and into her jammies! A few minutes later, we received this pic mail on our phone from her side of the fence, ha! I LOVE this baby girl! LOL! Happy Weekend!

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Haliee said...

My baby topi is soooo cute