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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of School 2009

Phew, my life has been crazy busy the last few weeks, from the last days of summer vacation at the lake (pics to follow), to last minute school shopping odds & ends, church, bows, football, and family time, we have been beyond busy! The kiddos started school Tuesday and they are so happy! It has been weird and so quiet this week! It is bittersweet!
Miss. Haliee started middle school WAAHHHHHH!!!! My baby is a big girl now! Her campus is so beautiful! It is pretty cool, one of the 5th grade teachers we loved from last year Mr. Drake moved to the middle school & Haliee has him for "Homeroom" as well as 3 other classes! She was so excited & it made the transition so much less stressful for her! MAN, there were so many dang teenagers in those halls! I was so claustrophobic! I AM SO OLD!! :)
Drew started 3rd grade and is looking wayyyy to grown up! He got Haliee's 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Olin who we totally LOVE! I am so blessed to have such awesome teachers impacting my children, it makes all the difference in the world! YAY for Drewy! Here are some pics of the 1st day! Hal was appalled at Haliee's hot pink Justice Uggs! LOL! I told him to deal with it! She definitely has her own style agenda! I LOVE this little Miss. Priss! Haliee also starts school an hour and 15 minutes before Drew this year UGH for Mommy! After we took Haliee to school we came home & Drew requested English Muffin Sandwiches for breakfast, so of course I said yes! Here he is so excited for the 1st day! HUGS Tab

PS~ No making fun of the FAT Momma in the pics with the Gangster Hair, I will make time this week for some lovin' on those roots ;)


Jill said...

Oh Hailee cracks me up. And your right Drew looks too big. You are such a good mommy! Do they at least get out of school at the same time?

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Thanks sweetie! She is a mess! Nope, Haliee gets out 45 min before him, so I am just a taxi! LOVE Ya!