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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hunter/Grimmett Christmas 2011

*Ok so I had to change the music in honor of Miss. Ellie Girl for this post. Everytime I hear this song I hear her singing in my head... "Boo boo boo boo bee bahh boo" I love the words she makes up for the lyrics and how she dances..precious! She loves this song!!

Christmas with the Grimmetts was super fun & low key this year. The little girls were a total blast! They were so into it this year!  Originally I suggested we do it at The Grimmett's house so she wouldn't have to load up all the kids in car seats, etc. But NO, The Grimmett girls FREAKED OUT! "No, we have to have it at Lou House Pabba...We have to have our "Frosty Wrapping Paper Presents" and our Stocking, and everything at LOUUUU HOUUSEEEE!" Ok, so we can   do it at my house, it's ok, lol!We opted for Pizza easy peasy! I always wrap little presents and stick them in their stocking for my house and they love looking in there in the days leading up to Christmas and playing with their baby presents, but...right before they came over Hal freaked out asking me if I had filled their stocking with candy. Um...NO! So he grabs a Costco bag of candy I have for my bow prizes and fills the dang thing to the brim with candy then tops it off with 4 $1 bills hanging out. Goofy guy! When they arrived the girls went through the roof with excitement for all their candy and money they could see hanging out of the stocking! SOPHIE was on cloud nine!Good Job Halarini Claus!
 Mr. Hally Claus
 Baby Brodie Man
 Present Time

The kids were really precious this year. They waited for each other to open presents and were so excited for each other...eagerly awaiting both their own turns as well as being so excited for the person opening!

 "Oh Yeah"
 But....My Uncle Hal said I could!!!

Everyone had a blast! The little girls played with their prizes for hours on the coffee table and Drew, Hal, & Mikey fought over the baseball skeeball game Drew got from Mikey & Erin. Fun times, great memories! I LOVE YOU Grimmetts! 

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