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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boise Penitentiary & McCall HotSprings!

A few months ago we made a little trip down to Boise to see Grandma & Grandpa! :) We had tons of fun, ate like pigs, and relaxed in the warm hot spring water! There is never enough time on family visits, but we made the most of it for sure!
The Old Boise State Penitentiary was pretty cool. We opted for the night tour as we thought it would be spookier! Poor Grandpa is working about 2 hours from home right now, worked all day while we played at the hot spring and then drove straight home so he could hop in the car and go to the prison tour with us. Poor Grandpa we love you! I had a blast freaking Haliee out (and some innocent young adult ladies who happened to be also touring too) Not sure they appreciated it so much, but I had fun! :) It was a neat tour.
The courtyard where almost all of the executions happened had crazy orbs or dust particles in the air for skeptics like me! It did look kinda creepy when you reviewed the pics! It was in almost all of the outside pics especially near the rose garden.
Solitary Anyone???
Hal and his gang signs...
They had the cells decorated exactly how you would've found them back then.
Notice the "Idaho Pot" Nice...
The guard tower. Along the edge of the wall which was so much taller than it looks in pics there was a trench, hard to see as it was pitch black all we had were flashlights and the camera flash. Anyway, there were signs everywhere telling you if you were to go near the trench you would be shot...CRAZY!
  Here is the "hang room". I believe only 1 execution actually happened here .It was crazy, see the door in the bottom of the floor, you could then go downstairs to the "drop room" where they would drive the van in to pick you up after the fact.
The Women's Ward
It is hard to see in the dark, but this is from the prison grounds and the cross is actually from a church way up on a hill, hopefully it inspired some to change their lives for the better. You could also see the capital building from inside the grounds...oh the irony!
Now onto something a little more relaxing. If you have never been to the McCall Hot Springs, I highly recommend it. It was relaxing and super cute. They had hot pools, mild pools, sandy bottom pools, etc. Not a huge place, but quaint and relaxing! Definitely not too many pics, sorry I was enjoying myself!
I don't know how everyone is sitting in this one, it was HOT!
Ahhhhh....I wish I was here right now!

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