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Friday, August 19, 2011


This baby girl
Which happens to now look like this

Flew all by herself on Monday morning to Boise to hang at Grandma & Grandpas. I was super nervous even telling the boarding counter to make sure some creeper didn't sit next to my baby! YEP, I am all kinds of psycho when it comes to these babies of mine! {Judge away, I am cool with it, HA!} :) She is having the best time so far and let me tell ya this is where cell phones come in handy. We are able to text non-stop and that makes the distance seem a little less. I am so glad she is able to go and make memories she will have forever but why is she this big already? Drew has had the hardest time with it. He knew he couldn't make it 10 whole days without his Momma so he opted to try next year. What he didn't realize was how hard it would be to see his sister off. They are so twin like close it's crazy. You wouldn't think when they were arguing about silly things like who got out the milk and left it on the counter, they would be weeping and holding each other in the airport as if she were leaving the country or leaving for College. He told me he feels like a part of him is missing. SO PRECIOUS! I am so very thankful they are so close. We miss ya Haliee Girl but are so glad you are having fun! <3 143

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haliee said...

oh dear mommy(: i miss you guys so much and we are already more than half way through!! i miss my baby bro like crazy and he is terrible at texting back. i love you guys and i cant wait til thursday!!!!! <3 you guys(: