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Friday, August 19, 2011

Kids Helping Kids Fix Broken Hearts!

One of Drew's Best Buds and his awesome sisters need your vote! They created a charity a few years ago & have been selling dishtowels which they designed and promote to help kids in need of heart surgery. You can read their complete bio on their website HERE. They were nominated by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Spokane, WA for the 2011 National Small Charity of the Year Award. Of the 2,000 nominations, they have made it to the top 25. They need our votes to stay in the top 10 in order to win $15,000 for their charity which could help 10 families with children needing heart surgery! To vote go HERE click on vote, then small charity of the year, then kids helping kids fix broken hearts. Make sure you choose the kids helping kids fix broken hearts as there are a few similar named charities! Thanks for your help, these kiddos are amazing! :)

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