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Monday, January 19, 2009

We are back! :0)

Well, we have been back since the 15th, but...our life is so crazy I have been running til' now! It was so fun! The kids had a blast! It was 80's all week, so I was definitely soaking it up! The kids & Daddy were baking, I LOVED it! I miss the heat. Anyway, it was so dead. We never waiting more than 15 minutes for anything (with the exception of fantasmic, to get the perfect seat, lol.) We had a special early entry into Toon Town to meet the characters and I swear there were only about 20 people total in there with us. The kids had no lines to meet any characters, they walked right up and no lines for their houses or the rides. SO CRAZY! When Haliee was 2 1/2 we waited 3 hours for her to meet Minnie! Here are a few pics of the kids. Haliee took so many more pics than me as she got a new digital camera for xmas and was snapping away! She took a really cute one of Drew & Daddy I will have to upload it later!

They have a Libby Lu in downtown Disney's shopping area so she got this Fabulous Sharpay tank there! She had high hopes of having perfect hair on the trip as she also got her own flat iron and she thinks she is Miss. Independent, but at 6 am, she was over being cute, lol! This is what you all have to look forward to after hair bows & customs *sniff* It was so very cute to see her snapping pics though. It really put her age into perspective this trip as she is not mesmerized by the magic anymore just ready for the roller coasters!

Drew was still into it. He had a blast. He is so into Indiana Jones and so we rode it like 10 times! I will be singing the dang theme song for weeks. He got his Indy hat, scorpion necklace and tried for the whip, but we opted for Indy Mickey instead, Dad could see him beating his sister! His goal was to ride everything in both parks and he remained true to his goal! Even the big roller coasters which I never would've ridden at 7, NO WAY! He was scared out of his mind on the Tower of Terror I felt so bad, but he insisted on riding it. Afterwords, he decided he "needed" the I survived the tower shirt as "He barely SURVIVED Mom!!!" I swear he suffered from PTSD though because he refused to ride in any elevator at the hotel and kept asking where the service elevator's are in the hotel, lol! Poor Baby boy.

The best show ever was a Broadway performance of Aladdin. It was so awesome! We ate dinner in the Pirates of the Caribbean and it was really yummy! Drew is totally an adult in diet, he was so excited to see Salmon on the kids menu! Haliee, not so much, she was expressing her extreme preteen angst for no chicken strips, she recovered with a steak. It was a nice break to the hustle with excellent service, good food, and quiet ambiance!

And of course no "perfect" trip can be finalized without a little Drama right!?! So let me fill you in on our travel day home, lol...Ok 6 am last day, man it was tuff to get up for the 6th day in a row with little sleep and no mice to greet us. I drug them out, we decided to take the Disney Resort Travel Airport bus instead of renting a car this time so Daddy could relax instead of driving in crazy traffic to which we so don't miss and are honestly out of touch with now. I can't believe I drove like that with my children in the car, lol! I am definitely used to the slower Idaho pace now. Anyway, we were to be outside curbside at 7:35 for the return to LAX, we were there at 7:20 which btw NEVER happens for us NEVER, lol! At 7:35 the bus zooms right by us!!!!! EXCUSE ME! I am a little CRABBY, I call to let them know I am not the happiest customer and can envision us missing our flight, etc. they send another bus to take us to a different hotel to catch the original bus. Phew, it worked. We are now at the airport...I am checking us in at the kiosk and I accidentally push YES we have hazardous materials, lol! AHHHHHHHHH! So thankfully, the ticket agent who checked our bags decided I wasn't a terrorist without too much trouble. Ok, we are to security, let me back up a bit to explain... from the day of arrival Drew wanted this clear Mylar balloon with a blue latex mickey balloon inside. Ok, I promised him on the last day, he could get it and bring it home to show his friends at school. On the last night after fantasmic as they announced the park closure over the loud speaker he remembers his balloon. So Hal runs to the balloon lady and phew. Ok, so we have this HUGE balloon which is clear is making me put it through the xray machine...are you serious, you can see through it, I ask, "Are you going to hold it so it doesn't float up into the machine and get stuck?", NO...the lady behind me shoves a guitar in just after the balloon, ugh, I glare at her and YES, it gets stuck, so now they are trying to get it out as the dang conveyor belt sways back and forth trying to move forward, I try and go through the security to help, but Hal who is in another line, I thought I would change lines to speed up the process, has my boarding pass, and they won't let me through the line without it, he is quite impressed by me by now as he leaves his line to get me my pass, lol! Ok we finally get it out, and get to our terminal, phew. We sit there for a few minutes and I realize our connection flight is only a 25 minute layover so even in a perfect world, I won't have time to feed the kids in the next airport, so I run to the available restaurants in our terminal which btw are burger king or starbucks, YUK! So, I stand in line at BK, I get up to order and it is 10:22 so no lunch until 10:30 grrrr....ok, I am not eating a fast food breakfast sandwich and getting on an airplane, so I wait. Of course they now are calling our plane to board. I hurry with our food and Haliee and I get to the line to see my son bawling hysterically, I look up and his beloved balloon is at the top of the ceiling in LAX. Of course it is right?! OMG poor baby. He was devastated. My husband is DONE!! So we are waiting in line to board and the arrival flight walks in...My brother and his wife come walking in lol! They were on their way to Hawaii and their flight through San Fransisco was cancelled, so they were diverted through LA! So weird! It was great to see them even if only for a sec.! Ok, so another slight problem, part of the food is spilled all over the ground, sigh, we clean it up and board the plane! The flight was a little late so thankfully I fed them even if it was an act of god! We land in Boise just long enough to refuel and as we are ready to taxi, the ground crew come on to let us know Spokane is fogged in and they are probably going to close. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? They are going to try and get there, but if they close while we are in route, we will be spending the night in Portland. Of course we will...

But...thankfully we were able to land unscathed! All I can say is..."Makin' Memories right!?"

Ok, sorry for the novel! I am going to get my booty to work now. I have a few customs & will be putting on some Valentine Pretties this week! Stay tuned! I am so excited to be making some new designs! Tab :0)


Sharon said...

Thanks for the morning laugh! Got to love Making those memories!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

Glad I could start your morning with a giggle, lol! It is much funnier now that a little time has passed! :0) HUGS Sweetie! ~Tab