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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Valentine's Pretties!

Ok as I was uploading new bowsie pics I found this...We took this pics one night in Vegas last year waiting for the water show. Man it makes me sad to realize another year has flown by. Gosh I love these babies! They are growing too fast.
Here you go! I love how they turned out! :0) I am uploading the pics right now & will be listing in a few, If I can't get them finished beofre I get the kiddos, I will list them in the am. Tab

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Beki said...

Tab you are amazing. We are trying really hard to go to the reunion this summer. It has been way too long since all the family has been together. I wish I would have known when you were down here at Disneyland. We have annual passes, so we could have gone up there to see you. I do hope to see you soon.