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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok, so I need to work on my time management & check in here a little more frequently!!! I will put that in my list of New Year's Resolutions! :0) I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! Ours was great! Of course we marathon shopped on Black Friday.

I have been working on a special made to match line which is only going to be available on an awesome new website! I have several sets to make & have been "bowing" every spare minute I have :0) I will keep you posted as to the details & where to get these exclusive bowsies! So...STAY TUNED!!! This is mostly why I have been MIA.

Drew started Upwards Basketball last week & is beyond excited! He is getting so big, I swear he is 2 feet taller than last years season *sniff*.

And as a tradition in our family 3 years ago, I was trying to figure out how I could keep my children from relentlessly bugging me to open gifts everyday until xmas, lol. My solution...Scavenger Hunt! Every Friday from Dec. 1 until Xmas, I hide a small inexpensive gift and give then 3 - 4 clues to find it. The 1st clue will lead them to the 2nd until they reach their gift! They LOVE this tradition & talk about it from about August on, lol! It is so fun to watch them figure out Mom's dorky riddles to reach their prize! They aren't worried about all the presents under the tree until xmas eve, lol, just wondering what their next scavenger hunt gift will be! Last night was the 1st Friday, they were so cute! I will try & remember to take pics of next weeks hunt~

Now, onto, I will be listing some M2MG & Valentine's Pretties soon, so stay posted!

I am going to edit a few pics, run to the grocery store, and then make some bowsies until my parents get here this evening. My daughters best friend is Annie in our City's Playhouse, so we are all going to go watch her tonight!!

Have a great weekend everyone! ~Tab :0)

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